Giddyup Junction is a western-themed VBS where kids spin lassos, mine for gold, and ride horses, complete with an Old West town, cactuses, and covered wagons. Kids will learn about the good news of God’s love—the gospel—going to new frontiers in the book of Acts. They will respond to God’s love and learn how they can take it to new frontiers today.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).

RBP VBS is The Evangelistic VBS.


Every year we place a strong emphasis on the salvation message. This year is no different!

With RBP VBS, no teacher ever has to be without a copy of the salvation message. RBP VBS is a fully integrated, gospel-centered program that weaves the salvation message into each lesson! Our programs are built around a solid theological framework and motivated by a desire to teach Bible truths using age-appropriate methods. VBS could be your biggest evangelistic outreach event of the year! Don’t limit your potential impact by using programs light in content and evangelism.

Endorsed by the largest evangelistic outreach ministry to children.

Customers know that we truly are the evangelistic VBS—and have been since we started back in 1972. Even the world’s largest evangelistic outreach ministry to children has recognized this!

RBP is the only VBS publisher recommended by CEF®. Here's why.

Bible Content

Frontier 1

At the Junction: God Shows His Love

Luke 23:33–46; 24:1–12; Acts 1:1–12; 2


God's strong love

Memory Verse:

Romans 1:16


The Good News changes people’s lives.


Students will know that God loves them and there is saving power in the gospel.

Frontier 2

Down the Trail: God Loves All People

Acts 10


God's unlimited love

Memory Verse:

1 John 3:1


The Good News is for everyone.


Students will recognize that the Good News is for everyone, and will identify a new way to share God’s love.

Frontier 3

Over the Plain: God Loves Individuals

Acts 8:1–6, 26–40


God's personal love

Memory Verse:

John 3:16


The Good News is for you.


Students will grasp the love God has for each one of them, and will be willing to share His love with every person they meet.

Frontier 4

To Be Wanted: God Loves an Enemy

Acts 9:1–19; 22:4–16; 26:9–18


God's saving love

Memory Verse:

Acts 16:31


The Good News can reach anyone.


Realizing that nobody is beyond the reach of God’s love, students will accept and spread the Good News.

Frontier 5

To New Frontiers: God’s Love Brings Joy

Acts 16:6–40


God's unfailing love

Memory Verse:

Romand 8:28


The Good News can bring joy—anytime!


Students will understand how God’s love and Good News can change how they handle any situation.



2019 VBS Missions Project

Chaplains help take God's love to new frontiers too! This year's missions project will help chaplains build stronger communities.

VBS 2019 Resources

Music & Puppets

Charlie VBS 2019 Puppet

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RBP's Giddyup Junction: Taking God's Love to New Frontiers